Our Mission

The NCASI Foundation supports environmental science and data to promote the sustainable use of earth’s resources, inform regulatory policy, educate, and execute the charitable activities of NCASI, Inc.

Our Approach

The NCASI Foundation accomplishes its mission through sponsored research, independent studies, and outreach. All information and results are in the public domain.

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Emerging Topics

Educational Partnership

Educational experiences that focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) provide the foundation to prepare the next generation to meet the challenges of sustainably feeding, clothing, and housing a growing world population. The NCASI Foundation is partnering with Children Learning through Outdoor Experiences (ChLOE) to use experiential learning to engage students in science and technology using practical examples from agriculture and forestry, introducing those career paths.

Risk Assessment and Human Health

Research around epidemiology and risk assessment science is a topic of interest to the NCASI Foundation. An initial project on developing and advancing the use of systematic approaches in reviews of air quality standards is paving the way for a more comprehensive program.

Small Area Estimation

In September 2022, the US Forest Service and the NCASI Foundation entered into a $1.3 million agreement to develop and execute a strategic plan for enhanced integration of remote sensing information into the FIA program with special emphasis on small area estimation techniques. This three-year project will precisely define FIA information user needs, conduct research into new estimation techniques, and deliver estimation capacity to users through development.