The NCASI Foundation has recently been funding technical activity to improve the Science behind risk and exposure assessments, with an initial focus on developing and advancing the use of systematic approaches in reviews of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). In the coming years, the NCASI Foundation envisions the development of a comprehensive research program around epidemiology and risk assessment science, while advancing the use of alternate approaches to further strengthen and validate the conclusions and facilitate the use of this Science for the benefit of public health.

This research will focus on five topics relevant to the risk assessment of chemicals found and regulated in all media, including air, water, soil, and food products, and are outlined in the document below.

NCASI Foundation Initiative on Risk Assessment and Human Health


Technical Work to Improve the Scientific Basis of Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment Approaches

Technical research to identify more robust methodologies to ensure the science used to inform environmental and human health risk assessments is of high quality and provides the appropriate strength and…