The Mission and Approach of the NCASI Foundation

The NCASI Foundation supports environmental science and data to promote the sustainable use of earth’s resources, inform regulatory policy, educate, and execute the charitable activities of NCASI. It will accomplish this through sponsored research, independent studies, and outreach. All information and results are in the public domain and will be provided, as available, through the NCASI Foundation website.

In conjunction with partners and NCASI staff, the NCASI Foundation will foster and support scientific research to enable the development of credible, practical solutions to environmental and forestry-based challenges, contributing to a healthier planet for generations to come.

Where appropriate, the NCASI Foundation will explore emerging topics of relevance.

Our History

NCASI was established in 1943 by a consortium of pulp and paper companies committed to lowering the ecological impact of pulping and papermaking operations. In the first decades of operation, NCASI was at the forefront of the pioneering development of wastewater treatment practices that are widely utilized today, not only in the assessment of mill effluents but also for treatment of municipal and other wastewaters.

In the decades since, NCASI has developed technical expertise that encompasses the full spectrum of environmental topics of interest to the broad forest products industry, including wood products manufacturing and forest management. Today, we are recognized as the leading source of reliable data on environmental issues that pertain to forest products.

Our Leadership

NCASI’s affairs are directed by the Board of Governors, which is elected by the member companies annually and consists of approximately 25 senior executives. The Board appoints an Executive Committee to manage the organization’s financial, administrative, and technical affairs.

The Board also appoints an Operating Committee in the U.S. and a Steering Committee in Canada. These committees are composed of Member Company senior personnel familiar with the environmental issues facing the forest products industry. The U.S. Operating and Canadian Steering Committees meet several times annually to identify and prioritize the research projects undertaken by NCASI’s Technical Studies Program and to monitor progress toward achieving program results. Ad hoc committees and specialists convene as needed to provide expert advice in specific fields, such as forestry and health effects.

Our President is Dirk Krouskop. Other members of our Executive Leadership Team include Tammerah Garren, Reid Miner, Vipin Varma, Darren Miller, Paul Weigand, and Kirsten Vice. Click here to learn more about our staff leadership.

Where we Work

Research is conducted throughout the United States and Canada. We have two regional centers, an aquatic biology facility, a Canadian office, and numerous forestry-related field study sites. Our corporate headquarters is located in Cary, North Carolina.

Our Staff

NCASI’s staff has expertise in far-reaching disciplines that cover the full range of technical issues including analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, paper science, computer modeling and simulation, statistics, toxicology, forest biology, forest ecology, wildlife biology, and aquatic biology. Through research investigations, surveys, and other information gathering activities, NCASI helps ensure that the ongoing dialogue concerning environmental policies affecting the forest products industry, and environmental decision-making at all levels, are grounded in technical information of the highest possible quality and scientific integrity.

Careers with NCASI

NCASI is an Equal Opportunity Employeer NCASI welcomes resumes and applications for any open position; however, we do not accept unsolicited resumes or applications. Please identify the position for which you are applying when corresponding. An application form is available for download as a PDF file.