Principal Investigator: Dr. Katie Moriarty, Senior Research Scientist, Western Forest Wildlife Ecologist, NCASI

Collaborators: USDA Forest Service/Pacific Northwest Station

Supported by: USDA Forest Service. Award 20-PA-11061200-013 for $75,090.

Project Summary: Substantial declines in insect pollinators have been documented globally and have led to increased research and conservation efforts. Potential effects of forest management on pollinator populations have received little research attention. For example, Rivers et al. (2018) conducted a literature review of insect pollinators in temperate, managed conifer forests and identified very few studies worldwide, and these studies were limited in both geographic and taxonomic scope. In particular, little information is available for the Pacific Northwest, USA. Available information suggests that pollinators may be associated positively with canopy removal and subsequent herbaceous vegetative growth but more information on how pollinators respond to modification of habitat structure and other forest management activities is needed to inform effective conservation.

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