Principal Investigator: Jake Verschuyl, PhD, NCASI / Director of Forestry Research, Western U.S. & B.C.

Collaborator: Oregon State University

Supported by: Western Trade Association Member Companies

Project Summary: To develop and disseminate scientific information on managing forested landscapes for biodiversity conservation while sustaining high levels of timber production. Cooperators are studying the effects of IFM on songbird and arthropod abundance and diversity, as well as songbird populations on 32 study plots, ~20 ha each, in the Coast Range of Oregon. These sites were clear-cut in fall 2009 or spring 2010 and were planted with Douglas-fir in spring 2011. In a randomized design, one of four treatments were studied, ranging from a control (no chemicals applied) stand, 2 intermediate treatments, to an intensively managed stand with 5 successive years of herbicide broadleaf and shrub control. The study is entering the 10th year and operational treatments are high in species diversity.


Project Reports:
Final Report May 2021

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