Principal Investigator: Dr. Katie Moriatry, Senior Research Scientist, Western Forest Wildlife Ecologist, NCASI

Collaborators: Oregon State University

Supported by: USDA, Forest Service Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest (RRSNF). Award 23-CS-11061000-009 for 44,881.08.

Project Summary: NCASI, Inc. is currently monitoring marten distribution and habitat use in SW Oregon on Federal and other lands. The RRSNF has an interest in this work as the marten is currently listed under the ESA as Threatened and this work ties directly to the management of marten habitat on RRSNF lands. The mutually beneficial objectives of this agreement are to promote marten communities through, 1) monitoring existing known areas of potential habitat utilizing a variety of site appropriate said techniques 2) identification of new areas where martens are found, and 3) on-the-job training and development of students and personnel helping to obtain unique experience of working on habitat and location survey projects.

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