Principal Investigator: Dr. Katie Moriarty, Senior Research Scientist, Western Forest Wildlife Ecologist, NCASI

Collaborators: University of Oregon, University of California-Riverside, Oregon State University

Supported by: USDA, Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station. Award 22-CS-11221632-029 for $611,757.85.

Project Summary: Part of managing and enhancing pollinator habitat is re-seeding disturbed sites with pollinator-friendly, local, native plant material. To support the strategy, information is needed about the types of pollinators in an ecosystem, as well as the plants upon which they depend. This project will be evaluating the occurrence of multiple taxa (bees, bats, passerines, hummingbirds) and quantifying their interactions and use of the existing floral community. This work aims to provide the foundation for purposeful and thoughtful restoration treatments in Oregon’s coastal forests and will provide the basis of monitoring the effect of these actions into the future. We will conduct multi-scale field efforts for pollinators (e.g., native bees, hoverflies, hummingbirds) and local biota of interest including avian richness and abundance, bat occurrence, and hummingbird/plant interactions. We will integrate fine-scale sampling across landscapes, diverse from sampling design to capture variation and conditions used by these species, to better describe cumulative impacts and restoration potential in watersheds.

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