President and CEO


Vipin was named President and CEO of NCASI in September 2023. He first joined NCASI as a Senior Research Engineer in 1998 and managed several research projects on quantifying air toxics emissions and assessing Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) compliance options. Vipin led the industry group in developing compliance approaches for Phase II of the MACT rule, specifically the Clean Condensate Alternative (CCA). He liaised with EPA on validating the use of EPA WATER9 emissions model for CCA and developed technical information that informed the subpart S Residual Risk and Technology (RTR) review. Vipin rejoined NCASI in 2011 after a stint at a graphene startup, where he led product development and market development in the US and EU.


Research capabilities and/or focus areas

MACT compliance options, Air emissions characterization, Air emissions modeling, Process and environmental technical issues

Awards and Career Highlights